My Promise to Connecticut 

To introduce reforms that will protect you from Hartford’s financial crisis and misguided policies.


As a Successful Business Executive and an Elected Member of Town Government, I will use my experience to drive OUR state’s financial decisions to lower your cost of living.


As an Independent Reformer, my singular objective is to serve the Westport Community and to fight for a Financial Recovery Plan that will lower your taxes.


As an Education Advocate, and father of two young sons in Westport schools, I will work to restore state funding for our education that will increase your property value while providing our kids a superior education.


As a Supporter of Seniors, I will strive to make Connecticut more affordable for our seniors by lowering taxes, boosting assisted living programs and repealing state taxes on social security and pension incomes.


As a Commuter Activist, I will work for faster trains and more affordable fares, while proposing solutions to improve our worsening traffic conditions.


As a Protector of your services, your quality of life and our natural resources, I will assure that our town will continue to be a top Connecticut destination.


If we accomplish these goals together, 


CT will again be the "go-to destination" in the Northeast