Meet Greg

Who is Greg Kraut?

Greg is a self-made successful businessman and public advocate and works as the CEO of KPGFunds. Greg loves living in CT and raising his two sons here. His unwavering mission is to ensure that CT continues to remain a highly sought after and desirable place for all of us to call home. Unfortunately the state’s financial crisis has exponentially increased his concern for our future.


Greg wants CT to be a stable and successful state, so all of our towns can properly grow. The good news is that the state is salvageable. Ironically, we are now in the fortunate position for a complete turn-around by utilizing the best practices of other states and leaving the worst practices behind.


Greg will no longer sit idly by and watch the negative impact on Westport.

Greg is a husband, a father and a current member of Westport’s legislative body and knows first hand how state budget cuts have impacted you, your families, our schools and your local services.  He has observed first-hand businesses leaving CT and families moving from Fairfield County.


Greg has had years of hands-on experience advising companies, creating jobs, and solving financial problems. He will do the same for you. 



Greg wants to hear from you regarding issues that you want to be addressed. Feel free to send him an email at There is no longer time for our state officials’ endless talk and lack of action.



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