KRAUT's “ER” Plan to Revive Connecticut’s Economy

Time to be part of the solution, not the problem 

Phase I : Generate Revenue

1. Monetize State Owned Property
2. Modernize Lottery
3. Save to Win
4. Unlock Unclaimed Money
5. Centralized and Controlled Modernization
6. Freeze Discretionary Spending and Hiring
7. Unbind Arbitration

Phase II : Rethink The Future

1. Reform Union Compensation
2. Balance State Income Tax
3. Save Seniors With Savings
4. Encourage Private Companies
5. Forgive Student Debt For Residents
6. More Money For Towns
7. Tomorrow's Tourism

Phase III : Revive And Grow Our Economy

1. Gaming For Education
2. Recruit and Retain Business
3. Educate Or Die
4. Infrastructure Update
5. Fair Share From the Federal Government
6. Deduct Property Taxes
7. Rebalance Consumption Taxes